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What Did Mary Ever Do To You, Mary!

She’s Not Doing So Well - Teabag Him, Mary! - Season 5 Episode 10

The word of the week is “Mary”

A nickname for a moniker regularly used by gay men, with affection, ridicule, or familiarity. It is also used often as a greeting or salutation to address other gay men they believe is more effeminate.

The origin is unknown; it may be attributed to the popular American actress Mary Tyler Moore

A lot of gay guys like to call each other nicknames as a form of endearment. They also might do it just to have fun with one another.

Nicknames exist for all kinds of reasons, whether you are gay or not. It's a way that we can refer to someone by some other name than their actual name, often because we are emotionally attached to them or because they do something memorable in our lives.

Some people may be offended by these nicknames and feel that it's the equivalent for being called homophobic slurs even if the intention is not malicious. But others may think that they're nothing more than harmless pet names and a sign of affection between two people who have more familiarity with one another than average acquaintances would typically share.

Gay men have been using slang for years to find acceptance in the gay community as well as to identify themselves from each other. It is not surprising that they continue this trend in their use of technology and social media.

Check out our latest episode for more fun with the word "Mary"

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