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That's Hot (Casinos, Cooking with Paris Hilton, Birthday Binge, Bathhouse)

A bathhouse is a public facility that provides bathing and, usually, washing. The earliest public baths date from around 2800 BC in Ancient Egypt, and were used for both cleanliness and rituals. Public baths had a communal aspect to them, with all people typically bathed naked in the same room. Can anyone guess how the gays use them?

We made it to 100 episodes and we can't believe it. We've changed formats multiple times and added our Miz, and we're more excited about the future than ever. Enough about us though. This week on She’s Not Doing So Well, we are missing our Miz as he is absolutely dominating the comedy scene in Los Angeles. Bobby turned an older age and is feeling the effects of it immediately. He drank Long Islands on Thursday night which led to a three-day bender of alcohol and gummies. It was not pretty and it took him three days to recover. Jim and Bobby both went to the casino and, well, there are more people than teeth hanging out. No shade on dental work, but it's a vibe and we're not sure about it. Somehow, we transitioned to talking about Cooking With Paris, her new show on Netflix, and how she is the dumbest smart person we know and she uses that to make millions. That’s so HOT. We still ran Miserable With Miz and tried to call him but he is busy being a star in LA, so we decided to tell you what makes us miserable at the moment. Jim closes it out with his story about the bathhouse. Will it be horrifying or will it be amazing? All this and more! Oh, and check back tomorrow ;) Word of the week: Bathhouse WE ARE PLANNING A GAY CAMPING TRIP (So be on the lookout for more information) Show us some love if you choose! Follow us on Instagram: Go to our website and buy our merch Please share with your friends and make sure you rate and subscribe! #gaypodcast #podcast #gay #lgbtq #queerpodcast #lgbt #lgbtpodcast #lgbtqpodcast #gaypodcaster #queer#instagay #podcasts #podcasting #gaylife #pride #lesbian #bhfyp #gaycomedy #comedypodcast #comedy #nyc #614 #shesnotdoingsowell #parishilton #casino #standupcomedy Fun Facts: Paris Hilton is a model and actress who has come to represent the American "celebutante." She is also famous for her reality TV show, The Simple Life. She has been in the public eye since she was 12 years old. Key Words, Paris Hilton That's Hot Cooking Summer Fall Hot weather Sex Gay Gay Podcast Gay Comedy Stand Up Anthony Villiotti Casino Slots Gambling Hot Listeners UK European Listeners Bathhouse Sex

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