Looking for you!!!

This season we want to tackle misconceptions and stigmas in the LGBT community but also in the community as a whole. We are finally pulling together our second season and really want to make an impact. We record in Columbus Ohio.

We are looking for the following:

Republicans and People who chose not to vote but are aware of the times

Body Image and being overweight (looking for people to talk about their struggle (maybe someone who has been successful on a weight loss program)

Cannabis (we want someone who is fluent in both medical and just in general about effects, chemicals etc)

Being Female (want to tackle what females have to deal with in regards to the Me Too movement)

Religion (Christian)(would love to speak to a priest or preacher about god and religion)

Religion (Muslim) Want to speak about the misconceptions

Anxiety Specific - Would love a therapist on to come up with ways to tackle anxiety and also explain whats really going on

Addiction ( Maybe a specialist or someone who has overcome addiction)

Felony ( would like to talk to someone who has had a felony but have made major changes and or how they go about certain things in life)

Thank you for your time and DM or respond to this post if interested.

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