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  Not Well Podcast

A Comedy Experience 

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About Us

In a world where laughter is hard-earned and precious, we're here to make you laugh. Life can be tough sometimes - but don't worry! Our show will remind people that they aren’t alone in their struggle for joy! The best thing? Jokes really do take away any sense of pressure so when things get too overwhelming, at least inside your head anyway...you'll find comfort knowing others feel similar emotions on a daily basis with topics ranging from mental health, religion, sex life & more; whether it's an improvement or not depends entirely upon the individual who listens (and laughs). We laugh, we heal and grow together. Sometimes being our authentic selves is the best medicine - no filter here! We are two gay guys with an interesting take of life but also we are pretty normal. We like to think that we can attract a diverse audience, with our main goal being the encouragement of diversity. We want everyone from all walks or life experience - straight ally supporters and people who feel marginalized by society's limited norms!